Bleach Fanfiction 7

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Spilled Milk(R IshiHime one-shot) I’m writing again–not that RL has eased up at all but I somehow found time and space to concoct this strange little piece. I meant to post it for Mother’s Day but with the help of some writer friends I got it ready early, so Happy Mother’s Day, Bleach Moms. Humor, romance, lactation

.I’m Not Your Fault(PG one-shot) Ichigo, Ishida PG for language, er, nudity and innuendo? IchiIshi if you like but really a friendship fic. An answer to a challenge for some good old-fashioned hurt-comfort fic.

Born Again(G one-shot) Short fic written for a friend’s birthday. Sado is contemplative even as he’s punching down Hollow after Hollow.

My Aim is True(G-rated vignette) written in anticipation of the manga’s return to the dome above Las Noches. At this writing it’s been six months since we’ve seen Ishida, and everyone’s been imagining a healing scene for him. This is mine, written on the eve before spoilers to chapter 378. Oh, and if you don’t know the allusion in the title, it’s from Elvis Costello’s

Allison.Goodbye and Be Well(PG one-shot) Orihime What can I say? I was very depressed and sketched a worse-case scenario for my favorite female character in Bleach.

White Nights(PG13 IshiHime) Hime’s peculiar POV per request of yet_adored and written while listening to Michael Luriacelli’s classical guitar version of the Moonlight Sonata.

A Speck of Sand of Maybe a Star(PG13 one-shot) Rather long fic but still a one-shot. PG13. Canon timeline exploration of Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo. Spoilers for Arrancar arc. Orihime-centric, brief appearances by Sora, Ichigo, Rukia, Matsumoto, Ulquiorra, Ishida.