Bleach Fanfiction 6

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You Again (One-shot, PG13) Gin/Rangiku. Spoiler for manga chapter 314.

Aesthetics and Identity (Two drabbles, PG) Chad. Ichigo. Rukia (gasp! NO ISHIDA!) Implied IchiRuki.

Random Bleach Jazz (Five drabbles, all ratings up to NC-17) Shinji, Hiyori, IshiHime, Kenpachi, Renji, Chad. Written while listening to ragtime and basking in the glow of chapter -108

Onlooker (One-shot, PG13) Mayuri�s bacteria do what Ishida despises most–watch in hiding. This vignette takes place during chapter 303. Violence, spoilers for the Szayel battle in the Hueco Mundo arc.

Rule Breaker, Deal Maker ((NC-17, one-shot) Renji angsts over Ishida. Guest appearances by Yumichika and Ikkaku

A Song About Thinking (oneshot, PG) Ukitake prepares for war.

Chocolate Infinity (oneshot, PG) IshiHime. Confectionery alert. Orihime has a White Day date with Ishida and is worried about something.

The Fighting Has To Stop (oneshot, NC17) Nnoitra and Neliel. Hate sex… or is it?

Too Much of a Good Thing (R, one-shot, yuri) Chizuru and Orihime spend the night together.

I Want To Touch His Hair That Way (R, one-shot, yaoi) More RenIshi romance