Bleach Fanfiction 5

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All I Needed To Do (PG13, one-shot) Slow-paced adventure, low-key romance. An answer to the ambiguous ending of Inoue-san, You’re Coming With Me,” The time setting is more or less around chapter 280 of the manga. IshiHime.

Tanabata Tryst (PG13, one-shot) Takes place after the manga. An IchiRuki love tale for Tanabata. <

Necrophilia (NC-17, one-shot) Ichigo x Ishida. Does what it says on the box. A romantic kink fic.

One Reason Alone (PG, one-shot) Ichigo, Orihime, Ishida. Dark Hueco Mundo fic. The mission failed.

Rain_Dragon (PG13, drabble) Written for IchiIshi Weekend August 2007 at the LJ of Sublimeparadigm

My Ryuuken (PG, one-shot). Ryuuken’s wife has a story to tell about lies and promises.

It’s Me In Here (NC-17, one-shot). My attempt to write Quincest. I cheated.

The Cheese with the Beautiful Name (NC-17, one-shot) IshiHime sex and romance.

Architecture (R, one-shot) Renji and Ishida comedy based on their adventure in Hueco Mundo

Satisfaction (NC-17, one-shot) For my lovely Orin, a nice smutty RenIshi with some actual plot.

Flies in the Kitchen (NC-17, one-shot) More RenIshi. This one may actually be a bona fide PWP.

Of My Own Free Will (NC-17, one-shot) Renji x Ishida and Szayel Aporro the voyeur.

My Lover is Ishida Uryuu (NC-17) Sweet IchiIshi for Sublimeparadigm.

You Are Not a Band-Aid, Ishida-kun (G, drabble) A sweet IshiHime for Kia. Implied IchiRuki.

Unravel Me (NC-17, one-shot) For Orin, a RenIshi based on her pic of the same name.

Past Grief (IchiIshi, R) A contest entry, no sex (sorry), a little Urahara, a little Hollow Ichigo, a little plot.

Ally (Grimmjow/Rangiku, R) Rangiku interrogates an attractive soldier.

Sharp Pointy Things (PG-NC-17, drabbles) Nnoi/Nel/swordfighting, Ishida and Orihime, Shunsui/Nanao/discreet, IchiTats/pleasant surprise, Nel/Ulquiorra/ confrontational dominant kiss and UlquiHime.

Writing on the Wall (PG-13, one-shot). IchiRuki. The supernova that had to happen.