Bleach Fanfiction 4

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Unohana’s Secret (one shot, PG) Ukitake/Unohana. The dying Shinigami and the healing Shinigami. Warning: character death

I Can Protect Myself (one shot, PG) Defining moments in Rukia’s Shinigami career before she comes to the Living World. Byakuya, Miyako, Kaien. Warning: Post Soul Society arc spoilers.

Turn A Heart Upside Down (one shot, PG13) PG13. I muse more upon the heart than Kaien does. Implied IshiHime, IchiRuki, KaienRuki.

We Forgot to Have Sex (one shot, NC17) IshiHime. Ryuuken has some advice for his son. This story continues a one-shot I wrote called ‘Life is Trying’.

Dinner Party (one shot, R) An IshiHime parlor comedy with an IchiRuki revelation. A sentimental Ichigo, a jealous Ishida, a nauseated Orihime. Follows the stories ‘Life is Trying’ and ‘We Forgot to Have Sex.’

Terror at Tanabata (one shot, R) A lost Quincy, a kidnapper, some cotton candy and squid on a stick. IshiHime. Other Bleach characters. Part of the series that includes ‘Life is Trying’ ‘We Forgot to Have Sex’ and ‘Dinner Party.’

Mice (one shot, NC17) PWP Ulquiorra x Gin

Instant (one shot, NC17) PWP IchiIshi

You’re Taking Too Long (one shot, NC17) IchiIshi. A sequel to ‘Instant’ in a growing-up tale.

Final Score (one shot, NC17) Why not another ‘first time’ story? IchiIshi. Comedy, virginity, boysex, all that. Based on a favorite IchiIshi doujin.

What’s a Dyke? (one shot, PG) Two very different girls become close friends. Somewhat of a sequel to ‘I Don’t Like Girls.’ Tatsuki, Orihime.

Of My Own Free Will (NC-17, one-shot) Renji x Ishida and Szayel Aporro the voyeur.

Look into My Eyes Stupid (NC-17, one-shot). Pure PWP. Ichi and Ishi and a camcorder.

Ichigo’s Funeral (PG13, one-shot) Does a Shinigami captain need a human body after all? Ichigo decides to get rid of his, much to the dismay of Kon. Many characters, funeral comedy.

Inoue-san, You’re Coming With Me (PG13, one-shot) Orihime won’t leave the fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow. IshiHime.