Bleach Fanfiction 3

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Different Pants (one-shot, NC-17) was inspired by a manga chapter cover in which Ishida wears some very odd pants. IshiHime

True Love and Swirly Skirts (one-shot, PG) Orihime’s crush for Ichigo is born and deepens. Written with great affection for canon events but not (exactly) an Ichi Ori shipper’s fic.

Quincy Legacies (one-shot, R). Maybe my favorite Bleach fic at current writing. I love that dysfunctional Ishida family.

Birthday in Hueco Mundo (one-shot, G). Written for Ishida’s birthday which takes place during the manga arc to rescue Hime.

The Cold (drabbles, R) Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Yumichika, Ulquiorra, Isshin, Masaki, Unohana, Ryuuken, Sora.

A Warm and Ominous Breeze (drabbles, PG) Ukitake, Shunsui, Tatsuki, Keigo, Hitsugaya, Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida.

Shun Shun Rikka Does the Math (one-shot, G) Orihime’s fairies discuss love triangles and beyond.

Ghost of a Ghost (one-shot, PG13) Rangiku, Gin, sake… and memories.

Five Paths, Two Endings (one-shot, G) I tripped out on the idea of fanfic alternate universes and guessing possible outcomes to the manga.

Not of The Body (one-shot, PG) One of the many stories written during my “I must have a corpse in this story” period. Ryuuken has an hallucination and frets about his son.

A Few Little Quickies (drabbles, NC-17) IchiRuki, IshiNemu, IchigoHimself and IsshinMasaki.

Real Sex (one-shot, NC-17) Ichigo and Ishida are trapped in underground Arrancar nest. First part of a IchiIshi YAOI trilogy.

Pretend Love one-shot, NC-17) After the entire universe is destroyed, something has to give between Ichigo and Ishida, right? Part two of an IshiIchi YAOI trilogy.

After You Died and Even Before That (one-shot, NC-17) Ryuuken faces his past and his son. A continuation of “Real Sex” and “Pretend Love”–only there’s no sex in this one.

The Girls The Girls, Part One (NC17, one long one-shot in three parts?). A continuation of the “Real Sex” series. Ichi and Ishi deal with the girls in their lives. IchiIshi. IshiHime, IchiRuki, IchiOri. / The Girls, Part Two (NC17). Keigo spills the beans. / The Girls, Part Three (NC17) Ichigo is determined to get Ishida back.

Not the End of the World (one-shot, NC-17) A sobering thought occurs to Ishida. Fifth and (maybe) the last story in the �Real Sex� series. IchiIshi.

Outside (one-shot, NC17) Spontaneity is the issue here, and Ishida’s got something to prove. IchiIshi.

Everything for You (one-shot, PG) Love and Death. The concepts snatch Ishida unawares while he and Pesh make their way through Las Noches.

The Risky Art of Listening Part 1 / Part 2 (NC-17, two parts) Post-manga story. Orihime proclaims her love for Ichigo “eternal” and that’s more than Ishida can take. Meanwhile, Ichigo appears to have an issue with Rukia’s “purity.”

Topping on the Cake (one-shot, NC-17) Ishida has issues with a certain sexual position. IshiHime.

Shinigami Wedding Night (one-shot, NC-17) Ichigo and Rukia get married. NC17. It’s quite the special day and very much a special night.

Him (one-shot, PG) . Yoruichi, Urahara, Soi Fong. Someone’s jealous. No warnings.

Not Floating (one-shot, NC-17) YURI! NC17 YURI. Taking place just before chapter 230 and the day when Orihime is abducted, this story follows my other Rukia and Orihime fic “Not Crying.”

I Don’t Like Girls (one-shot, NC-17) Tatsuki and Orihime face middle school bitches and presuppositions about gender.

Nemu’s Lie (one-shot, hard R) Akon/Nemu, references to Ishida and Mayuri. Is Akon really a scientist like his idol Captain Kurotsuchi?