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Quincy Wedding Night (NC-17, Ishihime one-shot) was an attempt at highly romantic porn suitable for teenagers!

Your Enemy’s Name (R, Bleach one-shot) was written because Ishida, the demented Kenpachi, and the even more demented Mayuri are among my favorite characters in Bleach. An attempt at meaningful filler.

Quincy Archer Hates You (PG, one-shot) Ishida Uryuu can’t help but weigh all sides of a situation.

Come to Bed, Kisuke (NC-17, one-shot) A special request for one of my (many) pervert friends. Yoruichi smut, no excuses.

Friends (PG, one-shot) is a Bleach ficlet that takes place before Ishida’s father issues his grim proposal. Ishida is thinking about Orihime.

Faith and Doubt on a Flying Carpet (PG, one-shot) is written from Orihime’s POV on the ride home from Soul Society. Poor girl still has a crush on Ichigo but she’s noticing someone else now.

Flood (R, one-shot) is indulgence in Ishida angst after the poor boy loses his powers.

A Quincy Giggles (G, three drabbles, 100, 150, and 200 wds) were written because Ishida’s seiyuu has the cutest voice!

Night Shift (PG13, one-shot) is yet another Ishihime. Ishida has guard duty while Orihime sleeps.

Birthdays (G, ficlet in five drabbles) was written for the Ishidafansanon LJ community and for Ishida’s 16th birthday. Canon filler that looks at the Ryuuken/Ishida relationship.

Eleven Lovers (in six drabbles, R) is a short thematic fic that features: Urahara, Yoruichi, Shunsui, Nanao, Kenpachi, Unohana, Matsumoto, Gin, Soi Fong, Ishida, and Orihime (with guest appearances by Yumichika and Ikkaku).

Radiohead Idioteque Ishida Drabbles (five drabbles, PG) takes lines from Kubo Tite’s “character song” for Ishida to tell a little story.

Seven Days ( in seven drabbles, one-shot, NC17) continues in the vein of “Eleven Lovers” and looks at the period in Soul Society just before the portal to the Living World is opened. YURI and HET (yes, two of our heroes get lucky in Soul Society!)

Stay With Me (one-shot, NC-17) is an Ishida x Nemu lemon written for Cal Reflector’s story “Healing” which can be found here.

What I Am Not or Twenty Truths About IshiHime (one-shot, R) was written for the

20_Souls LJ community. An all-canon tribute here, one of my favorite pieces.

Eight Hours One Night (one-shot, NC17) is an unapolgetic smutfest

Two Fighters or Twenty Truths About Ichigo and Tatsuki (one-shot, PG13) is a canon story about two friends.

Something For You (one-shot, NC-17) is Gin and Rangiku smut. My first GinRan!

Five Kisses That Didn’t Happen (one-shot, PG) is told from Orihime’s POV. Canon of course.

Little Miss Perfect (one-shot, PG) is a bit of whimsy. Series of vignettes in Orihime’s life. Why do we hate her so much for being so good?

If I Were Rain (one-shot, PG) A look at the Ishida-Orihime-Ichigo love triangle through elements of the Tanabata festival. Warning: poetry abounds.

Ulquiorra’s Small Victory (NC-17, one-shot) Aizen, Ulquiorra and Ishida. Rape, yaoi, angst.

Ishida’s Second Choice Part One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six
Ishida’s Second Choice (NC-17) What if he kisses her? Would he still accept his father’s proposal? Humor, sex (and yes, this is an IshiHime!) and teenage angst.

The Five Stages of Love (PG) Written for the Love Stages Challege 2006 on LiveJournal. Follow IshiHime through the five stages of love in four drabbles and a (gasp!) formal double sonnet! Red Thread, White Soul Part One (NC-17, two-parter). Yaoi. Renji and Ishida. Yes, you read that right. Part One / Two

Yoshino Takes the Time (one-shot, NC-17). Ishida and an older woman. Filler indulgence.

More Time (one-shot, NC-17). More indulgence.

One Last Time, Proud Quincy (one-shot, NC17) is the last in my YoshiIshi series. Sentimental and smutty.

Thing of Darkness (one-shot, PG) was written for the Bleach and Shakespeare community on LJ. Ichigo, Ishida, Zangetsu in a shadowy world.

Awe and Lightning (one-shot, PG) is a father and son bonding story (or a Quincy hate fest, whichever you prefer).

Dragons Versus Dragonflies (one-shot, PG) Are Ishida and Orihime breaking up?

Reckless Once (one-shot, NC17) was written for the Boys Next Door Yaoi Smut Challenge. Hirako Shinji x Ishida Uryuu. Not for the squeamish.

Love without Motive (one-shot, NC17) is yaoi with the bad boys. Aizen, Gin, Tousen, Alquiorra.