I’m a canon timeline fangurl–which means that I am very narrow-minded, and the day I start writing alternative universe fics may be the day I go back to writing original fiction.

I myself like to read fanfic about characters I loved in the original shows, and even in gratuitous yaoi or yuri, I find myself working hard to make events plausible (as plausible as can be in the flying monkey world of Dbz or the hell butterfly transmutations of Bleach).

Akira Toriyama’s beloved Dbz world has been finished for years so it’s been easy for me to weave my little pieces into its timeline–not so with Kubo Tite’s Bleach world. Kubo-sensei is not done telling his story, and it may be the tale to kick my behind into poetry again. I seem to associate Great Depressions in my life with huge bouts of poem-writing and obsessive readings of specific works. There was the Hamlet depression of seventh grade, the Brothers Karamazov depression of my early twenties, and recently, the Bleach depression that gave birth to many of the sugary IshiHimes here. I must say, the upped prozac dosage is working well, but before Kubo-sensei is finished with his story, I may have to write a few IshiHime epics–the canon suspense is killing me. How many years do you fangurls ride these obsessions, anyway?

Dbz and Bleach are shounen stories, but there are rooms behind the Japanese minimalist manga panels for all audiences. Here are my stories. You’ll find the obligatory rating guidelines and warnings next to them, but use your judgement. If you don’t like raunchy boysex (or my fluffy het or my tedious gen), then don’t read. I don’t answer flames or weirdo mail.