Authorial Intent in the Shounen Manga Form or Why Recent Chapters Don’t Mean Luuuurve for IchiOri

I was asked to write this essay by IchiRuki shippers, but these aren’t essays that trudge out the same old arguments for the pairing. I look at Japanese culture, the shounen form, character polls, and the literary devices of this and that in my best schoolmarm persona. I touch on the Tanabata myth and Kubo’s use of parallelisms
Part One :: Part Two :: Part Three

There All Along: Reasons I Believe IshiHime Might Happen

My first essay for ship_manifesto. I lost friends and got stalker mail after having written this one. Who knew shipping was such an extreme fandom sport?

Still There: Uryuu Has a Thang for Orihime

My second IshiHime essay in which I tried to take a more light-hearted, friendly look at what I saw as irrefutably canonical, Ishida’s crush on Orihime.