Misc Art 1

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little fighter
Little Fighter is a self-portrait. That’s me as a kid. I never took karate but I always wanted to. Drawn after I was really depressed and considering leaving fandom craziness, but I came back punching!
letting my hair down
Letting My Hair Down is my favorite self-portrait. My hair really is almost this long but nah, I don't really look like an anime girl ...
Reckless Wind was drawn with love for my beta, LisaB. We’re both mad for Takeshi, the Japanese actor who plays Jin in this scene from House of Flying Daggers. This was drawn completely on PSP9 while looking at a movie still. I can’t believe it came out so well--my realistic style is much better than my anime style.
mom daughter Senora y Senorita Flamingo was drawn for my friend Robin. I like how this came out in a barrio mural style. The blue-haired chick is Robin's daughter, Kirby-chan.
Not the Last TIme
Maria and the prince are buds

Blessing was drawn as a present to Wolfie. I should draw more plants. They pose very agreeably.

Hinata Yearning is my first Naruto drawing, I think. My daughter loves this character.

Kakashi for Audra was a bribe for nekkid Urahara art. Who doesn't like a hot ninja?

Blue Jeaned Kenshin was drawn for Neko Oni (link to her Deviantart page: http://nekooni.deviantart.com/) who caught my 3000 pageview on DeviantArt. Isn't Kenshin the cutest? I never thought he was sexy, just adorable, but I tried to sex him up by taking off his Samuri robes.

Bed Head Sophie is my first attempt at drawing my daughter. She is only this still when she wakes up in the morning.