DBZ Fanart 4

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Imagines it
Yamcha Imagines It was my first drawing illustrating a fic, "Diary" by LisaB.
Gotcha illustrates a fic, "I Do" by my friend Blue Siren
Bardock hates posing
Bardock Hates Posing For Me. An early pic. I still can't do Bardock's chest justice but I love his scowl.
She's My Heaven was drawn by request for LisaB, who wanted Bulma and Vegeta in the John and Yoko pose from that Annie Lebowitz photo. Remember it? The photo appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone right after John Lennon's assassination.
His Heart
His Heart illustrates a fic, "From the Ashes" by a writer previously known as Phantomscribe72. Sinah liked this one so I included it here. Sinah says to artists: "Don't be afraid of color." Eh, it was an experiment! I hope Phantom's (Carla's) website returns someday. She had to take it down due to some RL concerns.
Not the Last TIme
Frieza’s Fifth Transformation was born out of a sick suggestion by Xero Sky.
Not the Last TIme
First Kiss was a prize for Zack the Saiyajin who caught my 1000 kiriban pageview on Deviant Art.

Eternal Conflict was doodled quickly for a Salon art contest. I think you can see the effects of a migraine on my color choices here.

Barbara and Bardock Valentine's Day 2006. Everyone knows that Bardock is still alive and living with a fair lady in England.

Yamchaaaaaaaaaaa was drawn for the Salon's Character of the Month Calendar.

Kiss for Pix I haven't ever written G/V yaoi but I love to draw these guys. Happy Birthday to Pixelgoddess, one of the loveliest people in fandom!

MrandMrsBardockatHome For Barb by deb who visited England with secret cameras.

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