DBZ Fanart 3

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You Have Spoiled Me, Bulma is a line from AMCM74's sexy B/V one-shot, "Through A Closed Door"

A Lot of Rice illustrates the winning fic in the first Salon fanfic contest, by LisaB "Never A Bride" by LisaB.
My Inner Bulma With Ruby
was drawn for my six year old niece, Ruby, who wanted a fairy princess picture and insisted I put a crown on Bulma.
I will always care
I Will Always Care was a birthday pic for AMCM74. Goku is her sweetie.
Not the Last TIme
Not the Last Time was my attempt at a classic sort of BV pose. Goheh gave me the idea that the couple belonged in a museum.
Not the Last TIme
The Whole Package was drawn for Bardockgurl and based on a doujinshi pic we referred to as “the package pic” because it hinted at her Saiyan’s generous anatomy.