DBZ Fanart 2

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Grace Under Pressure was drawn for the wonderful Ember on her birthday. Ember is the most gracious person I've met in Dbz fandom.

Eat Your Veggies was my very first drawing of Vegeta! Before I wrote fanfics, I drew this picture for a private yahoo group, Moms Who Love Saiyans, where I met Ember, AMCM74, LisaB, Xero Sky, Mischiefmaker, Bardockgurl and other wonderful insane fangurls.

Vegeta with Heart Underwear is a valentine to myself ~.^

Nude Vegeta With Pillows. The same pic above uncensored in its original state. I wanted to do a male frontal nudie.
Carla's Vegeta Valentine was drawn for Phantomscribe72 when she was going through a rough time. Hey, it cheered me up to draw it!
Drabble Prize for Gutterball was drawn when Gutterball was the first author to post a drabble at the Salon. The subject was her idea. I liked it so much I drew another yaoi bj pic (see next pic!)

Kakarot Dreams of a Bowing Prince was an experiment in full-blown porno. I got to use the red lights in Paint Shop Pro!

Workout was my first cartoon! Drawn when I couldn't get myself to commit to exercise.
Luv a Man in Uniform illustrates Queen Saiyajin's fic, "Back to You"

Vegeta... What Will You Give? LisaB's hentaipalooza fic "And Then There Were Three" inspired this pic.

I was the Ultimate Winner. Another great line from LisaB's ATTWT fic.

Love was drawn for Ally McBeal after she slapped Goku out of the three-way pics above and insisted I draw some B/V! :-D

Coercing Kakarot illustrates a beautiful one-shot by Gutterball that she wrote only because LisaB and I bugged her to write something other than pure yaoi!
My Summer Vegeta. An early pic. I didn't know how to shade well yet but I liked tracing over these muscles with the mouse!