DBZ Fanart 1

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The Enlightenment of Son Goku is probably my favorite pic. I figured Michelangelo wouldn't sue for copyright infringement if Toriyama didn't.

Emperor Wolfarius and the Fangurlians was drawn as a gift for King of Braves graduation from the University of Washington with a BS in physics and a minor in technical Japanese. The Ebil Empire was a lame role-play at the Dbz Fanfic Salon, and Wolfie was our ebil leader. Yes, this is Dbz fanart. See if you can find the Vegeta plushie!

Raditz Unwinding was drawn for the Month of Raditz at the Salon. Those highlights in his hair took forever!

Only Two Saiyan Girls was drawn to get in the mood to write a yuri. I was going for cute here.

It’s Not Cheating was drawn by request for more explicit yuri by eager fanboi, Wolfie. This is as explicit as I get!

Birthday Party Gohan was drawn for Flamingo’s 40th birthday. She tuckered that poor boy out!

Everybody Loves Flamingo, another drawing for Robin--this time for her 2000 kiriban at the Salon.
…defeat… This pic was drawn during afore-mentioned depression. Sometimes it’s too easy to identify with Vegeta.