Bleach Fanart 7

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Quincy Wedgie

He Lifts Her Up

He Needs Him

Ban Kai Ishida

The Taste of Evil

IchiRuki Afternoon

IchiIshi Morning

Morning After the Ball

Szayel Necromancing Drawn from a fake spoiler for Szayel zanpakutou

Shinigami Piety An illustration for my fic Necrophilia. I'm not good at figures but while looking at lots of Pietas I figured out that these Middle Ages artists couldn't draw figures either.


Orihime Shooting Tsubaki in Hueco Mundo

Tousen Nearly Naked for Pia Happy Birthday No_Utopia

IshiHime Yours Sincerely

Happy Birthday Ishida-kun 2007

IshiHime lineart by debbiechan and coloring by edge-chan

10 K Hits Thank You

Tanabata Hotel Room

Uryuu 3

Uryuu and Orihime Together This chaste sweetie little nekky pic was kicked off Live Journal and Photobucket. Obscenity? Eh, my anatomy is so-so and my lines aren't anything to write home about but I wouldn't call them obscene.

Bleach Asylum Festive Season 2007A contest entry. Orihime's Wizard of Oz footwear was inspired by Uryuu's suggestion in my story "You Are Not a Band-Aid, Ishida-kun"

Cuddle Weather

You Keep Me Warm


Rukia and Ichigo I like the lineart for this pic better than the colored pic. Ichigo's jaw is a little wobbly but I think it's the best I've drawn him. I liked this version so much I sent a copy to Kubo-sensei along with some chocolate for Valentine's day.

Kubo Tite is My Boyfriend

IchiRuki Valentine 2008

A Thousand Years is Not Forever A present for Spacecat drawn when I wasn't in a very good mood

Not Done Dancing Another present for Spacecat done when I was a little happier and listening to Szayel's seiyuu's disco songs

Not Just Another Fluffy Jesus A Szayel for Juunana for Easter.

Fireflies for Nehalenia Neha is a poet (haha! A fellow oddball in more ways than yaoi!) who writes the finest Ishida smut ever and I've been gah-gah for her stuff ever since her entry into the fandom. She said she'd write it if I drew it so here's her answer to this picture, "Whatever You Want" (IchiIshi, NC17)

Five is Where the Heart Lies

Renji and Ishida Thing I drew while writing Rule Breaker, Deal Maker.



I want to hump your leg

Orihime pencil

Rukia pencil