Bleach Fanart 6

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Happy New Year Isshin

Remember the Good Things


IshiHime All Dressed UpI hated her princess dress in the rescue arc so I had Ishida sew her a new one.

Schmoopie Glomp

WishI really like this one. It's an illustration for my fic "Wish Upon a Star"

Face to Face

Ban Kai Zangetsu

Ichigo and Rukia 2

Sode no Shirayuki

Sode no Shirayuki 2

We'll Talk About That Later.

Ishida in Handcuffs I must really like to draw him in handcuffs.

No Longer There Illustration for Real Sex.

Prove You Love Me

Uryuu Portrait.

Release the Past

Valentine Boy Please don't choke on the fluff. An entry in a contest in which the following subjects were required: a cat, chocolate, hearts, roses, and Ishida.

The Professional It could happen.

Shinigami Wedding Portrait

Seppuku I am not a Hime hater; I find the idea of ritual suicide disturbing and beautiful.

Secret power... what secret power?

She looks like Elvis


She Needs Him

He Makes Her Happy