Bleach Fanart 5

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Happy Halloween Uryuu

Not Your Father's Pants The notorious pants. WHY won't someone else draw them? Pwease?

Thanks 5000 Drawn when I got 5000 hits on DA. I discovered I could draw Rukia!

Hime Out of the Bath

Gin, Rangiku, and Sake

November My annual piccie for Ishida's birthday

Mayuri SWA calendar Yes, this is a spoiler. Yes, he really looks like that.

Warehouse Roof an illustration for "Visored Love"

Reincarnation If Gin and Rangiku had a kid, it would be Shinji!If Gin and Rangiku had a kid, it would be Shinji!

Myself in Your Eyes

Favorites Illustrates my fic of the same name

Maybe He's BiMaybe he is.