Bleach Fanart 4

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Yoshino is the lucky female filler character who gets to cozy up to Ishida. I thought she would be the type to wear blue velvet underthings.

Lying Down and Looking Up Whenever I feel like crap I want to draw Orihime.

Anything You Say Aizen-sama as orginally meant to be Aizen and Gin, but as what usually happens when I start drawing, someone starts turning into Ishida. In this case, I got an Ishida-look alike, Ulquiorra. Maybe this pic can go with my story "Ulquiorra's Small Victory" which features a Aizen-Ulqui yaoi moment.

Ishida on Top for Once Ishida and Orihime are not actually porking in this pic if you look closely. I meant it to be innocent (heh) nakedness.

Rukia Nude.

World Cup Chad

What I Want to Protect is a Father's Day portrait of Uryuu and Ryuuken before he was a bastard.



Quincy 2

Hirako Shinji is Dashing Isn't he?

Death is a Cabaret