Bleach Fanart 3

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Orihime Nude is Orihime, and yes, she's nude and anatomically anime-ish

Something for You illustrates my Gin x Rangiku fic of the same name. They're older, therefore kinker than IshiHime and very fun to write and draw.

Postcard from China. It's like this: Ishida was MIA so long in the manga, I figured he was in Outer Mongolia training with his dad.

Someone Needs Love. An entry in a Valentine's Day Contest--just another sexy Ishida. American boxing pose because I figure he doesn't know martial arts.

He's Gonna Win Her in the End, People. Drawn for the Love Stages Challenge 2006. These arts accompany drabbles of the same names. The first stage of love is "attraction." I stopped trying to think of titles for the subsequent arts and just named them after their stages of IshiHime love.

If I Were Rain. My own illustration for my fic of the same name.

Hime All Happy. I'm learning to draw her.

Have You Ever Been Pierced Through the Heart by a Quincy Arrow?




Young Love

Watch Bleach for the Lesbian Ninjas is something for the fanbois.

"Quincy Crucifixtion" was doodled because I was in a blasphemous mood. Fic writers make Ryuuken out to be such a bad guy, but I still believe he's a Good Papa.