Bleach Fanart 2

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Ishida as Hamlet was drawn for a very peculiar LJ community that focuses on fanwork based on Bleach and Shakespeare

I Can Change My Life was drawn after hearing Bleach's new closing song by Yui. I love Orihime.

At That Time, At That Place was inspired by the Yui song too. Tatsuki the tomboy!

Because it doesn't go easily, my life goes on is another Ishihime pic drawn because I left Ishida so miserable in Flood and wanted to give him his girlfriend.

Shunsui and Nanao-chan are my third fave canon Bleach couple (after Ishihime and KisukeYoru!) My first time drawing Sakura petals--fun!

Rukia's New Dress is an inside Bleach joke for manga readers. Do you recognize the dress? I don't think Ishida and a Shinigami girl make a good match.

Uryuu Nude is Ishida Uryuu and yes, he's nude.

Sweet Sixteen Smile The challenge here was to put a smile on Ishida's usually dour face.

Letter to Aizen. Can't you just see Gin abusing IM smilies?

IshiHime Blessings was drawn to annoy my beta who hates chibis! Scary bobbleheads!