Bleach Fanart 1

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Quincy Bride was drawn by me in a romantic mood while my romantic niece Ruby was visiting. Ruby makes me want to draw princesses and brides.

Quincy Wedding Night illustrates my Bleach fic of the same name.

Ishihime Kiss is another romantic piccy of the cutest dern couple from Bleach.

I am Not Helpless is one of my favorite pics. Ishida from Bleach may look like an emaciated dork, but he's really a very sexy guy. I think the Quincy are Jews. ^^

Captured by Soul Society was drawn because when Ishida is wearing handcuffs in the Soul Society arc of Bleach, I couldn't help but imagine that his kimono was slipping off! ^^

Exiles is a portrait of my second favorite couple from Bleach, Yoruichi and Kisuke.

Yoruichi in Her Underwear was inspired by a manga panel--a little Kubo Tite fanservice!
first bleach art
Me Glomping Ishida was my first Bleach fanart. I got Ishida's glasses wrong, but I was in the throes of my first Emo crush.

Age of Consent was drawn for Ishida Uryuu's birthday. He turns 16 in the manga soon, but I've been told that the age of consent is only 13 in Japan. Not sure what to do with that information! *looks evil*

Ishihime Angel was drawn during a migraine when my mind was exploding with references to William Blake, Eros and Psyche, archery and anime. Dedicated to dragonboy-mt whose love for Ishihime is purer than the pair themselves.
My Butterfly Guy. Ishida talks to butterflies. 'Nuff said.
Examining Hell's Butterfly was drawn on a migraine. Can you feel the Ishihime love?