Art for Deb 9

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IshiHime by pikeish)

Tanabata Dreams by LaKalaka
for my birthday and thank you SO MUCH! <3

IshiHime Healing by dragonboy_mt

IshiHime Healing by dragonboy_mt

IshiHime Healing by dragonboy_mt
THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS my oldest friend in IshiHime love!

I Will Protect Ishida-kun by kisu_no_hi

Gar Lolita Ishi Vs Ulqui by cezaria

Gothic Lolita Ishida for Deb by cezaria

Making Do by bigbigtruck The OC here is someone I fangirl almost as hard as Ishida. If you don�t know who TJ is check out the website and prepare to fall in love with a beautiful story.

Tanabataobon by La_Kalaka

Pipecleaner Ishida by infiniteviking

Protector! by a special friend

Rain Dragon for Debbie by metaphore_art

Ishida hbd for Debbie by goodchaser

Birthday wine by mezzo_marinaio

Ishida's present by mezzo_marinaio

Feel the love by darthsqueechan

IshiHime Commission by Cacodaemonia