Art for Deb 8

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Pride of the Quincy by bananakays for Ishida's birthday 2008.

Ishida --Quincy by whatta-chan. Another entry in my Ishida's birthday contest.

I, For This Protection by luculentquark.

"The Nuances of Red Dragonflies" by luculentquark. One of my favorite IshiHime arts of all time.

"Knight of the Quincy" by darkcountessb. One of the many wonderful arts submitted to the "Draw Ishida" contest I had for my birthday (and Ishida's birthday) in 2008.

"Ishida-kun" by renki-chan

Ishida_B_Day by renki-chan.More love for Ishida's birthday and mine in 2008!

"Untitled (Ishida and Orihime)" by mooguriklaine. The second place winner in the "Draw Ishida" category in the Bleachness Birthdays contest 2008

"Happy Birthday!" by sketchbaka. Third place winner in "Draw Ishida" bash. I love this one so much and you too, Dian, for your heart-melting happiness!

"Serenade" by Ileenka. Thanks, Justine, for being my best out-of-fandom fandom friend.

"Bleach: Turn Your Eyes Skyward" by demented peach. The winner in my 2008 "Draw Ishida" category bleachness contest. That secret handlock is so win.

"Blossoms" by Sidonzo

"Children of Angels" by bananakaya

"Untitled" by Lithium Swirl andor TheDyeisCast

"Ishida Birthday" by theDyeisCast