Art for Deb 7

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Uncharacteristic Exhibitionism by LoneWolfLuverGirl. Thank you! Where would people ever get the idea that I wanted nekkid Ishida for my birthday! XD

IshiHime by Sequora.

Thank you, Ishida-kun by hidden_gems Thank you for the wonderful birthday present, Charlie! This is my favorite IshiHime of yours yet!

Cumpleanos by edge_chan Thank you for the neko IshiHime for my birthday!

Happy Birthday Debbie by metaphore_art I was so touched to receive this gift.

Motivator by adam_epp A wonderful graphic made just for me for my birthday!

Hanabi by LoneWolfLuverGirl Another IshiHime for my birthday 2007--thank you so much for the love this year!

Debbie's Holiday Cardby the wonderful Asmaria. This was a 2006 card and I finally got around to scanning it.

Orihimeby Cezaria Another birthday present from the other side of the world! Thank you, Cez! 2007 was a special year.

Tanabata Night by mezzomarinaio A birthday gift from Italy! It illustrates a story dear to my IshiHime heart, "Terror at Tanabata"

IshiHime Sort Of by Orin This pic preceded the fic based on it, but Orin says that it was inspired by my IshiHime works so I'm hosting it here. There's also the chance that she might take the pic down from other places because she's like that--I see pure loveliness here and she sees flaws! The fic I wrote for her based on the picture is "Inoue-san, You're Coming With Me."

Ishida White Knight by Orin

IshiHime detail by Orin

KuchiIshi by Cezaria

Ishida Cross Ad by bananakaya

Rainy Dayby mezzo_marinaio Mez drew this for me when I won the IchiRuki essay contest at Bleach Asylum.

Gift for debbiechan by HaNa was drawn then Shounen Jump previews for 315 IchiRuki reunion came out! Everyone loves my boyfriend Kubo Tite!

You're Not A Band Aid by LoverofStories

Tsubakioo by silva noir

Black Chair by animationgrl. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. RenIshiHime! My OT3 and a bday gift!