Art for Deb 6

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Ishida by boopkit.

Ishida2 by boopkit.

IchiIshi Couch by gallo_de_pelea. A scene from my one-shot "Instant."

Ishida and Orihime" by cal reflector. Drawn to cheer me up. It did!

Necrophilia Orin continues to bedazzle me with drawings she did for my fic "Necrophilia". The first picture is details of the whole--such IchiIshi angst!

NecrophiliaThis second picture is all desolation in its entirety.

Butterfly on a Leash by lotusseed. This wasn't drawn for me but I love the concept. Lotusie does such lovely Ryuuken art.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrowby Hidden Gems

Tanabata 2007 Colored by Hidden Gems

Tanabata 2007 by Hidden Gems because I ordered Charlie too!

Halibel by ZabuzaKakashi I'm Halibel (ain't I smexy?) over at Bleach Avatar Gang at DeviantArt

Right Behind You by LoneWolfLoverGirl

IshiHime for Pr0ntober by Orin A request. Ahhhhh. I love Orin. She warms the cockles of my fangurl heart

IshiHime in Hueco Mundo for Debbie by gallo_de_pelea A commission. If only I could commission Kubo to put this in the manga!

Early Morning by quaedam I love you, Q.

Ishihime Bubbles by gallo de pelea Another gift art for me by one of my favorite people

The Stand by Lookingback7 Yee! Another groovy new artist in my fandom!

Ishida Unraveled by Orin (close up)

Unravel Me by Orin. Orin is a lovely artist in Ireland. She didn't do this sexy Ishida especially for me but for the whole salivating Ishida Uryuu fandom. I've seen some sexy Ishida fanwork in my time and this one is the sexiest. I've written stories for my dear Orin before to thank her for her contributions to the Bleach fandom, but this one is going to require a MASSIVE thank you. I love Ishida's eyes here, his dreamy half-focused look. Check out her other work; it's truly delightful.

Birthday Art by grass_angel. Everyone needs a life-size Ishida Plush to get naked with.