Art for Deb 5

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Ishida Uryuu with Long Hair by Lightseeker.

Ishida and Deb by Mischefmaker. (I plead guilty!)

Uryuu Shower by Hidden Gems. I have no idea why people want to draw me half-nekkid Ishidas all the time! One would think I had an obsession with the boy or something!

Offering by Mischefmaker. This one--ha, ha. I just love it.

Ishida's New Clothes by boopkit. Her style is wonderful.

Ishida and Orihime by boopkit.

hbdebby boopkit. I'm crazy about Ishida's clothes here (yes, his clothes).

The Girls by Orin. I was stunned to get this lovely gift from Orin--who is such a wonderful artist. I can't get over Ishida here in his pajamas looking poopy because Orihime stole his glasses.

Ishihime illustration for Invisible Writing by mimiru.

A detail of "Free Will" by Orin. I'm guh gah in love over this illustration Orin did of Of My Own Free Will

Free Will by Orin. The whole picture including Szayel

GinRan lineart by Edge chan. An illustration of scene from "Something for You."