Art for Deb 4

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Certain Nymphs of the Forest by Quaedam. This is one of my favorite of Q's pics ever. Drawn after Kubo depressed us all with chapter 237.

IshiHime by Quaedam

Ishida Bare Sitting by Lathaniel

Hime and Uryuu by La Kalaka

Kiss by Dragonboy MT. This wasn't drawn for me but to illustrate a moment in an RPG at DeathOnly. I just adore this pic so much.

IshiHime Kink by Dragonboy MT. Believe it or not, Chris said he hated this picture. It's a favorite everywhere so I knew I had to put it here.

IshiHime by Gallo de Pelea

Snow by Quaedam illustrates my story "Bright Majestic Winter." It's my favorite picture by her yet.

IshiHime by Gallo de Pelea illustrates my IshiHime Quickies (the bookstore handjob scene), and I feel almost as touched as Hime here to have such lovely artists make such wonderful art for me!