Art for Deb 3

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Soaked Quincy by lotus seed was inspired by my fic "Under Wraps."

Vegeta as Ishida by Wolfie

Cosplay was drawn by Wolfie to make fun of my Bleach obsession. Here the Dbz boys are dressed up as Ichigo and Ishida.

What's Nothing to You by Quaedam is Uryuu Ishida post chapter 226

What's Nothing to Me by Quaedam is Ryuuken Ishida because I needed Quaedam to draw another nekkid Quincy for me

Midnight Regret 2 by ObscureAnimeWriter is another lovely IshiHime for me

Ishida Ryuuken by Lightseeker shows off Quincy Papa

You Smell Delicious by ObscureAnimeWriter was drawn for my story Reckless Once, even though the artist isn't wild about yaoi. I feel loved, I tell ya.

Archer and Samurai by Hidden Gems

The Secret Side of Me by Lightseeker

Train by Gallo de Pelea

Orihime by Gallo de Pelea is one of those doodles I find satisfying as finished art.