Art for Deb 2

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IshiHime 1, 2 and 3 are found nowhere else on the net but here. I'm happy to host this traditional art by ObscureAnimeWriter. I love the colors and the IshiHime-ness of these works.

IshiHime 2
IshiHime 3

Do You Have The Time?
is Quaedam's lovely illustration for my "More Time." I told her to draw these characters in Blue Velvet!

Isn't it delicious?
is an IshiHime by Quaedam with my favorite couple doing a scene from the Seven Year Itch.

St George and the Dragon
was drawn by Quaedam to cheer me up one day. That's my favorite Bleach Visored girl, Lisa, taking on the world there.

is an illustration for my fic If I Were Rain. ObscureAnimeWriter used oil pastels and permanent marker for this lovely work.

Anyone's Guess
is the picture by Quaedam that inspired my fic Thing of Darkness

Birthday Present from Ember
is a Vegeta I got from a wonderful friend. He's got a tail!

Ishida's Second Choice
by ObscureAnimeWriter was a bribe to get me to write more IshiHime when I was on a YoshiIshi streak. What can I say? I'm easy! It worked.

Little Miss Perfect
illustrates my story and includes the little song I wrote for Sora to sing to Orihime.

Night Shift
illustrates my story of the same name.

Quincy Giggles
illustrates my first drabbles. I just love the little bit of Ken-chan in this drawing.