Art for Deb 10

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"Renji for Sophie" by skilly-n-duff
My daughter likes Renji so much she won't let me change the Renji month page on the Bleach calendar so we're forever stuck in Renji time in our house. Fine by me. I love Abarai-kun too. And this wonderful artist--check out her lovely work.

"You are so annoying" by Peca06
Ha, that's supposed to be me annoying fandom.

Orihime Nude by Peca06
This pic can't be hosted on DA because of their rules against showing underage cartoon characters in the nude. Orihime is 17 now in manga and here she is with her timeskip hair but she's still underage. Thank you Peca for this lovely IC Hime.

"Hairpin Arrows" by dragonboy_mt
Thank you so much, Chris, for this beautiful gift

"Ssh" by Lady Melissa
Thank you for the dedication

"Ishida Pillow" by rusky-boz
Thank you so much for your sketch!

"After the Rain Has Fallen" by darthsqueechan

"A Never Ending Dream" by luminous85

"Haters Gonna Hate" by Rosencrantz
Ros, I love you for this.

"Day dreamers" by Alexaclyne

"Sweetheart" by Jynxed Keyboard

"take a nap" by moga moka

"Ice Cream Time" by Alexaclyne

"UlquiHimeIshi Fanart (R-15)" by acaedes-dono

"It Never Ceased to Bleed" by enychan

"Older Arab IshiHime Fanart" by acaedes-dono

"Ishida and Orihime's First Date" by peca06

"An Almost Kiss Scene" by jczala

"Under the Starry Sky" by Alexaclyne

"Like A Fire" by Lover of Stories>

For Deebie by a special request

"Love is War" by fanartist puppetbomb 2009 winner of bleachness birthday contest. Original art by fanartist and gorgeous editing. The IshiHime story fit the canon events ot the HM arc so well too.

"Guardian" by Yorleni 2010 winner of bleachness birthday contest. I'm so touched by this MMV--it's such a poignant look at Ishida's character and his canon relationship with Orihime