Art for Deb 1

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Debbie and Raditz
by Ember
Raditz and I both have “the hair.”

by AMCM74
Yes, of course I dress like this every morning before I sit down to the keyboard! (chatachan cackles!)

by Kazuki
Kaz was excited when I said I would write a seme Raditz to thank her for translating my fic into Japanese.

Heaven Knows
by Kazuki
I love Kazuki’s art; I am unworthy of it!

No One Else
by Kazuki
This pic still amazes me whenever I look at it! The first fanart drawn for me and just look!

by Wolfie
That’s AM serving me drinks!

by Majin Sue
Yomiko Readman from Read or Die is my alter ego. Here’s her being waited upon by Goku!

What A Bastard Is
by Sinah
Sinah is an extraordinary talent and only a teenager; I have no doubt she’ll be bigtime in the art world one day.

100 Congratulations
by Goheh
I love Goheh. There's a little me she drew in the self-congratulating pic for her 100th art on Deviant Art. She apologized for giving me troll feet, but the truth is that my feet really DO look like this. I love how I am oblivious to suicides leaping around me!

Dr. and Mrs. Briefs
by Goheh, colored by Lauraneato
Goheh drew this to cheer me up one day. It's a pic for my fic "Always" and features my favorite couple in the world--who can not love the Briefs? They are filthy rich, kind to animals, and oh so forgiving of a genocidal alien who knocked up their daughter!

Quincy Archer Hates You
was drawn by boopkit all the way in Turkey to illustrate my fic of the same name. Yes, Ryuuken and Ishida look almost exactly alike. I should be in love with Ryuuken, who is the legal version of his son!

was drawn by the marvelous fanartist dragonboy-mt after he read my Ishihime, "Friends." Ishi and Hime's sacred objects are so similar.

Shunsui is Up to Something
is a pic drawn by Lightseeker after she read my Eleven Lovers fic! I love to inspire people. Doesn't Shunsui look ravishing here?

is by Cal Reflector for whom I wrote the Ishida/Nemu lemon in "Stay With Me."

Kurosaki-kun is by Fanay-chan. I love the little distraught Ishida in the corner.

HitsuYachiru was drawn for me by my number 1 devoted fan boopkit. She wants a fic with this pair!

Debbie's Nekkid Sandal-Hat Guy was drawn by Mischiefmaker for me under coercion! I traded her one nekkid Kakashi for one nekkid Urahara.

Holding Hands by Lightseeker. Another IshiHime for me!

Angsty Uryuu by Dragonboy MT. I love Chris. He's even a bigger IshiHime fan than I am. He drew this illustration for my story Flood.

Stick Figure Debbie and Ishida by Bardockgurl. Barb is a stick figure artist supreme. Note the detail.

Ishida's Second Choice by boopkit. She illustrated the kiss in my story!

Quiet Types Rebel in College was drawn for me by Quaedam. Only Hime lovin' would make Ishida this relaxed, ne?