I'm Deb (although I answer to my lame handle with the small case d as well as to any and all grammatically correct or incorrect forms of address), and I'm a squeeing manga and anime fangurl. In a long-forgotten time before anime, I was a writing teacher and poet, and ever since I discovered computer-graphics, I've begun to fancy myself an artist.

Here you will find my original Dbz and Bleach fanfiction and fanart, as well as some lovely works created for me by others in these fandoms.

I'd like to thank the following people: LisaB, finnigan_geist, vayshti and nehalenia didn't merely beta-read manuscripts, they felt like writing partners to some projects. Some of my stories didn't need midwives; some tiny drabbles demanded help; other projects just wanted cohorts in crime. I've gotten honest consistent art feedback over the years from edge-chan, hidden_gems, and bigbigtruck. (It's not their fault I'm still so awful--I just don't have time to practice). In the crazy often amazingly cruel fandom world bardockgurl, orin, quaedam, wtf_ms_bunny, LB7-sensei, peca_06, balladbird, aizome, and others too numerous to list here have brought me much comfort and joy. Special blessings to the dear friends I've made all over the world because of cartoon stuffs--Justine, Annie, Rebecca, Syn, Jenni, and Irene. A huge huge thank you to Marley for getting me Kubo-sensei's autograph. Also, thank you to Kubo-sensei himself for giving me kind words instead of facepalming when I showed him my art. The greatest kindness was saying I was a sincere fan. I can live with "sincere." It has a nicer ring to it than "crazy."

And finally, thanks to my sister chatachan--she set up this new WordPress site so complain to her if there are mistakes!


This site contains adult stuff, including explicit descriptions of sex and violence in stories and graphic depictions of sex in art. If you suspect that you may be traumatized by this stuff, wander off somewhere else. Shoo!